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Hi! I’m Andrew, a content design professional with deep experience in both UX writing and content marketing.

It’s that experience in both worlds that lets me create excellent content where UX and marketing meet: onboarding, retention, user education, and growth plays.

I think like your users and clients, not just industry veterans. That’s how I bring the clarity, trust, and growth enablement that your product (and your business) need to scale.

Don’t take it my word for it, though.

Recent brands I’ve worked with

The logo for the Bank of Montreal.

Andrew is an incredibly capable and thoughtful content designer. In addition to consistently producing top-notch work, he was an amazing teammate. He communicates clearly, keeps priorities on track, and is focused on producing work that delivers. He collaborated with teams across the board on various projects and also on ways to improve processes and craft. Andrew brings a growth and big picture mindset to all aspects of the job and we were lucky to have him on our team.

Rennie Abraham

Design Manager, Shopify

UX writing and content design services

Product content

Make your product feel like a natural fit with good-old-fashioned UX writing. Give your product the clarity, conversion boosts, and retention rates it deserves.

Content style guides

Give your team the resources it needs when a content designer isn’t in the room, as well as a documented source of truth for when you hire the next one.

Information architecture

Build your product and your onboarding experiences with a clear system in place to organize and prioritize every benefit, feature, and tooltip in your arsenal.

Content governance

Don’t let your design team get tripped up by changing frameworks and complex metric definitions. Give them the expertise to content changes.

Content marketing and SEO services

Content marketing strategy

Take your marketing further with a content strategy that supports your business goals and your existing processes. Integrate it with your UX content strategy, too.

Email marketing templates

Complete your campaigns, marketing automations, and your onboarding flows with professionally written emails.

Blogs informed by SEO

Turn every piece of web content into a traffic-generating asset that lets you build a digital marketing funnel, piece by piece.

Sales enablement

Set up your sales team for success with thought leadership content, sales collateral, and even social content support.

Andrew – I really appreciate how you’ve driven the workstream with excellent attention to detail, taking proactive initiative on all fronts such as being diligent about independently finding and leveraging existing answers by scouring various resources, and identifying and building relationships with cross-functional subject matter experts to obtain their ad hoc feedback, review, and/or answers. Looking forward to seeing how much unblocked revenue this initiative will yield.

Robert Yeh

Product Manager, Meta

Results speak for themselves

UX case study: +6.9% recovered revenue

A tech giant was haemorrhaging ad revenue due to its poor troubleshooting content. I helped retain that revenue by translating technical engineering speak into helpful, structured solutions in plain language for sales and support teams to use. This is how UX writing saved the day.

Read it here.

Marketing case study: +2,100% organic traffic

One of Ontario’s newest financial companies had been blogging for a year without seeing any results.

Working with Webb Content improved the company’s traffic from Google’s organic results by more than 2,000%.

Read it here.

Andrew did an excellent job executing the content strategy and went above and beyond when providing the deliverables. One piece of content, in particular, performed exceptionally well and was responsible for generating over 20K+ sessions and close to 50% of total sites visits in a two-year time frame. This article also led to 10% of all conversions for the site. I would highly recommend Andrew for any content marketing project, in particular, if it requires a thorough understanding of SEO best practices.

Alex Hamilton

SEO Consultant

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Working with Andrew, you know you're going to get quality above all else. Beyond being a great writer and editor, he's incredibly intentional in everything he does. He doesn't cut corners and he'll fight to put the customer first when decisions are being made about content and campaigns. A great collaborator I'd be happy to work with any time.

Evan LePage

Director of Content, Thinkific

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