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Marketing case study: 20K sessions with 4 blogs

Green area chart showing organic search traffic growing to nearly 3,00 per month.

A small but established currency exchange in the B2C space wasn’t able to grow on referrals alone anymore. Ads in its industry were too expensive to make a decent profit margin, so it turned to content marketing and SEO to move the needle.

The company’s marketing challenges

This local currency exchange had been in operation for many years, but hadn’t updated its marketing to capitalize on the digital landscape. Referrals weren’t cutting it anymore.

Expansion seemed problematic because margins were fairly tight compared to other financial businesses. A brand-new website wasn’t on the table, and ads in any financial vertical can get very, very expensive on a per-click level, wiping out margins with ease.

A website design from 2000 made it difficult to grab people’s attention.

Digital ad campaigns were too expensive, and the company couldn’t even bid on its own brand name.

Zero content published meant the website claimed next to nothing in organic traffic.

How I solved the problem

Rebuilding the website wasn’t within the scope of the project, so technical SEO and better copywriting couldn’t be implemented.

That left only content as the main driver for new traffic. We started by proposing several specialized topics that would answer specific needs of the company’s prospects, which revolved around travel.

Keyword research followed form there, allowing us to zero-in on the specific questions that Canadian travellers had about currency, and we wrote 4 high-quality posts on those topics.


Created content where currency exchange and travel intersect for genuinely useful posts.

Every piece of content was chosen strategically for its keyword volume and customer relevance.

Created a set of 4 pieces to interlink with one another, facilitating consumer research (and trust).

The results

Green area chart showing organic search traffic growing to nearly 3,00 per month.

+3,000 monthly visits

Those 4 posts took the website’s organic search traffic from nearly nothing to 1,000 visits per month in 6 months, then 2,000 visits  the next month, and nearly 3,000 visits the month after that. After a dip, traffic rose back to hit the 3,000 visit mark.


9-month timeline

Results didn’t show up for a while, which is normal for SEO.  Once Google trusted the content and the domain, it served that content on a regular basis and skyrocketed the website’s traffic based on these 4 blog posts.

+10% conversion rate

Most of the website’s conversions (sales in this case) came from repeat customers who already knew how to find the website.  One post in particular generated 10% more conversions for the entire website, which is a great return on investment.

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