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Your content doesn’t need to have a shelf life, and you don’t need run your team ragged creating a dozen blogs per month.

Search engine optimization works with your content to generate consistent, compounding traffic on a regular basis. Webb Content can show you how to scale your efforts.

Search Engine Optimization Makes Sure Clients Find You

There’s a reason why some websites earn traffic in the thousands every month while others only get a few visits here and there, and that reason is the modern search engine.

You can make the most beautiful website in the world featuring the best written content in the world, but it won’t matter if nobody ever sees it.  Optimizing your website (and your content) for search engines and your prospects contributes to that regular flow of traffic that travels into your sales funnel.

Search engine optimization (or SEO) underpins everything on your website, making it part of the foundation of your business’ digital sales and marketing.

That’s why organic search traffic tends to account for about 50% of most business’ website traffic. That’s also why it makes sense to work with a search engine optimization consultant.

Andrew did an excellent job executing the content strategy and went above and beyond when providing the deliverables. One piece of content, in particular, performed exceptionally well and was responsible for generating over 20K+ sessions and close to 50% of total sites visits in a two-year time frame. This article also led to 10% of all conversions for the site. I would highly recommend Andrew for any content marketing project, in particular, if it requires a thorough understanding of SEO best practices.
Alexander Hamilton

SEO Consultant

SEO Services That Webb Content Uses to Boost Traffic

Website Audit

Audits give us a starting point with your website’s health and structure. They tell us what’s going well and what’s going wrong with it, letting us identify key issues that could be sending mistrust signals to search engines and fixing them.


Competitive Research

Competitive research shows us what your competitors are doing in SEO and what works. We reverse-engineer those tactics to put you on a level playing field, setting up your business to surpass their traffic over time.

Keyword Research

Keywords represent one of the pillars of SEO and content marketing. Every search your potential clients make relies on keywords. That’s why we research them thoroughly to track down new opportunities for your content to generate traffic.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO involves specific settings and strategies on your website to maximize its loading speed and to be as recognizable by search engines as possible. It’s like fixing an engine before taking a car onto the highway.

Local SEO

Local SEO gets you found in your area. If you’re a service business, like a financial planner, insurance brokerage, or an HR agency, then clients need to find you nearby. It’s a combination of Google My Business, local content, and proper links in the community.

Earning Back Links

Links form one of the defining elements of Google’s search algorithm. That’s why, as a search engine optimization consultant, I create a strategy to earn links for your content—both locally and nationally—and grow your website’s traffic.

Strategy Works: The Case Study

Case Study: The Finance Company

One of Ontario’s newest financial companies had been blogging for a year without seeing any results.

Working with Webb Content improved the company’s organic search traffic from double digits per day to quadruple digits per day.

+2,000% Growth

We carved out a content niche that most competitors missed. Daily traffic from search grew from from double digits to quadruple digits over the span of a year and a half.

300% Faster Website

The website loaded so slowly that visitors were abandoning it. We took its loading speed from 12 seconds to under 4 seconds, increasing traffic retention significantly.


+400% Client Inquiries

Prospects began trusting the brand through its content, leading to a massive increase in inquiries when they returned for answers on the financial products being sold.

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I hired Andrew for his excellent editorial and organization skills, but he quickly became an important part of all of our marketing campaigns. He has a lot of experience with content, social media, influencer, SEO, and email marketing. It was a pleasure working with him and I would recommend him to anyone looking for a mature, hard-working digital marketer who enjoys puns.

Courtney Cassel

Marketing Consultant, Cassel Consulting

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