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Digital Marketing Strategy for the Service Industry

Every business with an online presence (that’s most of us) need a strategy to get the most qualified leads for the fewest marketing dollars spent.

That’s why everything at Webb Content starts with strategy.

Digital Marketing Strategy Achieves More by Spending Less

Ever wondered why your social media posts didn’t get traction, even with several hundred followers? Puzzled that your digital ads didn’t seem quite worth it at the end of that pilot program?

There’s a reason for that.

Businesses toss their marketing dollars down the drain every day while somebody tells them that “it’s how marketing works.”

But throwing money at ads doesn’t work.

That’s why Webb Content focuses its digital marketing strategy for the service industry by  building the foundation of your your marketing funnel with a content strategy and search engine optimization.

It works, and it’s cost-effective, too.

Webb Content rescued Heritage London Foundation when we had an outdated online presence, and needed to reach out to our audience, membership and past clients to engage them in a series of events and celebrations on short notice. Andrew helped us plan and re-develop our new digital marketing strategy as well, which has proven to be very successful – we’ve tripled our leads and doubled our sales. It was refreshing to work with someone who ditched the tech-speak and went straight for performance. The rates were much better than other large agencies we spoke with, too.

Brenda McQuaid

Executive Chair, Heritage London Foundation

Webb Content Starts With Strategy

Create Buyer Personas

Messaging only works when it’s directed at the right people. That’s why we work with you to identify your ideal customers. Nobody writes anything until we identify your best prospects.

Identify Weak Tactics

Many, many companies waste money on half-thought-out advertising and spend hours posting on social media without realizing it’s not working. We’ll consult with you on that.


Competitive Research

We find your competitors’ winning tactics and turn them into your winning strategies. If Google can index it, then we can find it. This closes the gap with your competitors’ sites.

Create SEO & Content Strategy

We form the foundation of your digital marketing funnel to acquire and build trust with your clients. This also builds your traffic streams by synthesizing competitive research and keyword data with content.

Build Content Partnerships

Links pointing back toward your website raise your overall authority and traffic. That happens best with content partnerships, and we know how to build them. It’s part of the secret sauce for long-term SEO.

Review Realistic Timelines

Content and SEO begin generating traffic passively after publishing content, but the results of compounding traffic materialize over time. We’ll review realistic timelines with real-life case studies.

Strategy Works: The Case Study

Case Study: The Non-Profit

A long-standing non-profit organization needed to reinvigorate and expand its donor base. To do that, it needed to rethink its digital marketing plan.

After working with Webb Content, the organization created a foothold of nearly 500 visits per month on a shoestring budget.

Fractured Traffic Unified

The Non-Profit had 3 different websites with the same content, all cannibalizing each other’s traffic. It was also an administrative nightmare to update all of them.

Data-Driven Content

Posts supported the Non-Profit’s revenue generating services, and all of them were backed by empirical keyword data. The proof is in the website’s traffic analytics.

Email Nurture = Donors

The Non-Profit was able to take the gains it saw from organic search traffic even further by nurturing it through email marketing, generating significant extra donations.

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Andrew really raised the bar, and not just with SEO. He laid the early groundwork for our PPC campaigns (now 50% more cost-effective than the industry average), and we built a website together with a visual builder. He took organic search from a sliver of traffic to a dominant channel and he’s still excited to implement new SEO strategies over a year later. He just doesn’t stop learning.

Katie Malott

Pay-Per-Click Advertising Specialist, aha insurance

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