You’ve Made Your Client’s Website. Now What?

You’ve created another gem for a client, and it’s time to move on to the next project… or is it? You don’t need to treat a website like a “one and done” project—you can help a client segue into a reliable content schedule while extending the lifetime value of that customer.


Why Make Content for Clients?

You’re not just in the business of building websites—you’re in the business of helping your clients succeed.

Instead of looking for reasons not to step outside of your regular comfort zone, consider the reasons you should get into content creation for your clients’ websites:

  • Websites are the backbone of every company’s online presence
  • Every business website needs content to grow
  • Clients might not realize they need content to
  • Clients can waste months stalling before getting started.

As a web developer you probably know that Google favours old—yet frequently updated—and informative websites. You can’t do anything about the age of a client’s brand-new site, obviously, but you can certainly help the company get started with a content plan to drive more traffic to it.


Design and Content Go Hand-in-Hand

You don’t need to worry about doing all of the content yourself, but you can work with a content creator to make sure that the content your client gets is actually a good fit.

Think about it. You’ve already gone through the steps to learn the client’s business, brand, voice, and funnel structure during the website project. Who’s better positioned to provide them with content than you?


The Client Already Trusts You

And with good reason! You’ve slogged through the discovery process and countless phone calls to make sure you got it just right.

You know what the client likes, dislikes, and how he or she views customers. You know the brand guidelines, the business model, and possibly even the tone of voice.

You hold that trust because you’ve been in the trenches to accomplish something. Frankly, that client probably doesn’t trust just anybody. On top of that, they probably don’t want to go to a full-blown marketing agency where everything is billed by the hour (not everyone can afford that, either).


It Makes Business Sense

You’ve gone through all of that trouble to complete a single project, and you’re going to walk away?

I hope not, because you’d be leaving money on the table.

Providing content extends the lifetime value of your customer, putting money in your pocket. This extends the value of every hour you put into a client, and—if you partner with a savvy content writer—can even become a new passive income stream for you.

You would still want to be the point of contact between your client and the content writer (it’s your client, after all), but you can take a cut of the content’s cost to make it worth your while.

The beauty of content creation is that it’s a ready-made and flexible post-launch support strategy. If the client wants to take it slow with one blog a month (or an email campaign), you can do that and build the account over time based on measurable results.

If the client wants to go all-out with one blog a week or more, then you’re going to bring in a lot of money due to high frequency.


“But I’m Not a Content Creator”

You don’t have to be—not right away (or ever, if you don’t want to be). But you do have all of the other keys to success in your hand.

Let the content writer do the heavy lifting once the website is done.

You can hire a content creator to execute on a strategy that builds out your client’s website to keep traffic coming. Don’t be afraid to work with the content creator on these elements, either:

  • Keyword research (this informs your content topics)
  • SEO and content organization on your website (the hierarchy of pages, internal linking, etc.
  • Creating content for social channels
  • Email campaigns to drive traffic back to your website (with exclusive offers, too!)

A lot of skills can go into content, but the most common forms are blog writing and social media graphics, in terms of sheer quantity.


Andrew Webb

Andrew Webb

SEO and Content Marketing Consultant

Andrew is the digital marketing consultant at Webb Content. He's worked in a few different agencies full-time and with another seven or eight as a consultant.

He's usually writing new content, creating the occasional website, and constantly finding new ways to optimize those sites. It's kind of an addiction.

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