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SEO Case Study: The Agency

Hundreds of New Site Visits Every Month

Not everyone realizes how tough it is to succeed in the non-profit sector. These organizations don’t often have access to agencies and fancy marketing tools.

But even traditional fundraising events need modern marketing funnels that meet today’s donors.

The Non-Profit’s Marketing Challenge

A local non-profit felt the pain of its donor base and its rut ‘t evenue slipping away over the years.

To turn things around, it had to revamp it its online presence—but the organization lacked a serious budget. It also had three separate websites, each of them cannabilizing one another’s organic search traffic.

Cutting-edge tools and expensive agency brand campaigns were out of reach, but strategy and consistent traffic never go out of style.


3 different websites cannibalized one another’s traffic for posts, events, and services.

A minimal budget made it too difficult to hire a middleweight agency in the city.


Nobody had marketing experience among the non-profit’s staff or volunteer roster.

How Webb Content Solved the Problem

First, we identified the technical problems holding back the non-profit’s website. We consolidated all three websites into one (using 301 redirects) and then brought in a small agency to redesign the website in a way that appealed to the buyer personas whose business supported the organization.

Then we regrouped on content and traffic sources. Paying for pay-per-click advertisements wasn’t a feasible solution, so we created a content strategy that generated organic search traffic from Google over time. The content captured traffic that needed questions answered, compounding over a 2-year period from almost 0 visits to nearly 600 visits per month.

Outlined digital marketing strategy to  feed Google’s traffic into email campaigns.

Identified keyword data that drives real traffic from Google to the new website property.

Created content strategy that generates consistent traffic for specific revenue streams (like weddings).

Bonus: Email Marketing Amplified the Traffic

Organic search traffic became the foundation of the non-profit’s new digital marketing strategy, but things didn’t have to stop there.

As an added bonus, Webb Content helped the non-profit formulate an email marketing strategy to nurture its acquired traffic even further to the point of becoming donors.

Spoiler alert: it was a huge success. The non-profit reactivated 300 cold leads and generated a sizable amount of revenue for a series of events.

Reactivated 300 leads back into engaged donors through email marketing campaign.

Maintained an average 35% open rate across a 5-part series of emails promoting an event series.

Set up the organization with email templates and benchmark campaign data for future operations.

The Results Are In

Hundreds of Visits per Month

The non-profit’s website regained its footing in the search results, surpassing its original collection of traffic and growing by hundreds of visits per month on the new domain.

Consolidated website properties

All three websites were directed toward one, bringing their domain authority with them. This prevented them from stealing each others’ traffic, focusing it into one location.

Activated Email Conversions

The new organic search traffic reinvigorated the non-profit’s email list, creating an effective one-two-punch that provided a way to reach leads for pennies on the dollar.

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