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SEO Case Study: The Agency

Taking Back Organic Traffic

One of Kitchener-Waterloo’s older marketing agencies had a dilemma: it put its heart into marketing campaigns for clients, but not itself.

That became a problem when a major client relationship had to wind down, leaving a gap in the agency’s own sales and marketing funnel.

The Agency’s Marketing Challenge

The classic dillemma: agencies overwork themselves on every client project under the sun, leaving nothing for themselves.

It’s content was great, but it was also outdated. Good content doesn’t go out of style, but the website’s top pages were about social media platforms that had evolved on a monthly basis—and a lot of those posts were more than 2 years old!

The content was also a mismatch for the agency’s specialty, which was digital advertising. That’s where came in.

The agency still coasted on traffic from 2-3 blogs written 3 years beforehand.

The content (mostly about social media) didn’t even reflect the agency’s specialty: PPC advertising.

The content team’s hours were locked into client projects where deadlines couldn’t be missed.

How Webb Content Solved the Problem

The agency understood the value of content and search engine optimization, so we got started immediately. It was a good thing too, because Google had to get re-accustomed to the website publishing new material again.

Then we started diversifying the nature of the content being planned. It couldn’t all just be about Facebook thumbnails and a collection of instagram tips. There’s so much more to digital marketing, and so many more services that the agency had to offer.

Of course, we planned out the topics by researching the monthly search volume for each topic before adding it to the calendar.


Recalibrated the content categories to match the services so each blog would support a service page.

Diversified content production to reflect the agency’s wide range of services, bringing stability.

Brought the agency’s blog back into data-driven territory with keyword data behind every post.

Restarted the agency’s cotnent calendar with consistent posts at one per month.

The Results Are In

300% More Organic Search Traffic

The content strategy worked in just a few months. The agency regained its footing in organic search, tripling organic search traffic and bringing in hundreds of potential clients to the website every month. 

More Qualified Customers

Instead of chasing sales at networking events, the agency was able to refresh its inbound sales funnel with prospects who understood the complexity and ground-level expertise needed.

Bonus: More Qualified Candidates

Some of the content attracted new graduates looking to join agencies, especially from Conestoga College and Laurier University. This reduced a lot of friction in the employee onboarding process.

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